Welcome to Filtek(India) Pvt Ltd

Filtek, an ISO 9001:2008 Company was established in May 2004 to provide high quality and cost effective filtration solutions for the global marketplace. Our core product line is the Centrifugal Oil Cleaner for diesel engine application. Engine manufacturers are continuously striving to develop new technologies to increase drain intervals and reduce level of soot and NOx emissions. Filtek Centrifuges greatly aid in this pursuit and are excellent in removing carbon soot to sub micron level.


The manufacturing facility is based at Pune (Maharashtra) India. A team of dedicated professionals with over 25 years experience in manufacture, sales and retrofitting of centrifugal by-pass filters, are able to offer OEM fitment options or full retrofit kits on your engines and equipment. We understand that each customer has specific requirements, for which we aim to offer comprehensive service and unrivalled customer care. Our in-house testing facilities are fully equipped to ensure that all products meet specification before dispatch. We strive to develop and improve our product performance through continuous research and testing. We provide full traceability for all product manufactured by us. Filtek India (P) Ltd. was recently awarded the International Achievers Award 2009 for Quality Excellence, presented by International Achievers Forum.


Environment awareness is growing worldwide. The safe and efficient disposal of waste is the need of the hour. Disposal of used filter elements is considered toxic waste in many countries. Filtek Centrifuges are cleanable, have no replacement parts and are fitted in place of existing paper element bypass filters thereby contributing positively to the environment. It has been proved that carbon soot destroys the additive package of lube oils. Removal of soot from oil will increase the additive package life thereby extending oil drain intervals in engine. Filtek Centrifuges contribute to conserving the Earth’s limited oil reserves.